People won't judge you without any reason but there are people who will judge you no matter what, so just let them because it will not make them rich and the fact that you can be popular. Lol. A person with big dreams. Ma. Jessica Laya Trinidad Andrey.

#7 Blessed Sunday. 

Every girl should be happy.

Sana palagi nalang silang andito para masaya ang stay ko dito. Hi Cebu!

I just can’t imagine the true meaning of this song. Justice has never been serve for the person inside this Spolariun.

"Anong isinulat ni Enteng at Joey diyan" (very nice)

This is a great song, but never been heard by the higher authority, oh wait never or they just pretend not to hear what is right. Erkey!

#6 Piercing. 
Hindi na sya paga. Oyeah 😝\m/

#5 Friends. 
A classmate, turns into a suitor, end up as a friend. Where happy with that. Not even bitter :-)

#4 W/ my summermates :”) Love them! Block A - Bs Architecture❤ University of San Carlos- Technological Center. Cebu👍✌

#3 Being with them is so pretty AMAZING! Last April 3 :”> Lovelove them so much! ❤💋

So truuuuue 😐

#2 Moi again😎 Hanged out this day with my tutor. Reviewing in advance for Differential Calculus. And gonna look back with my Analytic Geometry. Architecture is going to be the death of me. /wrist. 
This day is also one of the best. Because of my Girlfriends :”) Not yet have the picture with them. We also watched “It takes a man and a woman” of John Lloyd and Sara Geronimo 😹

#1. Summer 2013. A before and after photo💇👍😎 Haircolor changed! It must be an ombre hair but it doesn’t seem to be like one. Hihi. 
Well, it’s been a long time since I blogged something, so i’m going to start with what is new with me today :”)